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Perfect Wedding – How To Plan It Using Caricatures

The wedding day holds a very special place in the life of a couple. Everyone wants their special day to be perfect. But planning a perfect wedding is a lot of pressure and pulling it off is extremely difficult. One of the most important steps in planning a great wedding is choosing a theme. When you have a theme everything else will start to fall in place because all the other decisions depend on the theme you choose. If you are looking for a fun, creative, and entertaining wedding theme then you should consider choosing caricature. The wedding caricature is effective in having a beautiful and fun wedding.

Here are a few ideas you can use while planning the best caricature themed wedding

  • A caricature poster:
  • Many couples choose custom guestbook as it is the traditional option. In a caricature themed wedding, you do not need to go with the common option as there are others available that are more creative and suited for the theme. A caricature sign-in board is a great addition to the wedding décor. The couple can choose some of their special photos and hire a caricature artist to draw them. There are a lot of people that draw caricature in Dubai and you can use the internet to find the best and most affordable person. You can print the caricatures and add a mat so that the guests can add their signatures as they arrive.

  • Wedding invitations:

  • The wedding invitations should always be in sync with the theme you choose because they will let the guests know about the theme you have chosen. You can get a special photograph and use it to create a caricature. The caricature wedding invitations are quick to make and are an affordable option. If you are sending the invitation in the mail you can simply print out the caricature portrait and sent it. You
    can also email your guest list.

  • Custom wedding filters:

  • People hire professional photographers to capture their wedding day. But if you are looking to add a personal touch to some wedding photos then you can use customized wedding filters on Snapchat. The wedding goes is termed used for caricatures that are into Snapchat filters. You can also choose a theme to go with the customized filters. Ordering the customized filters is as easy and simple as uploading pictures and customizing them.

  • Entertainment:

  • If a couple wants to give a goody bag and is out of gift ideas then they should stick to caricature gifts Caricature drawing is a popular street art because it is quick to make. It is not like oil portraits where the paint needs time to dry. You can offer caricature portraits as entertainment to the wedding guests. It can be used as entertainment and the guests get to take the portraits home. It is a memorable, unique, and affordable keepsake from the wedding.

  • Décor:

  • Caricature decorations are an excellent choice as you can incorporate them easily in the venue. You can use a caricature mug for putting flowers on the table. It will add a unique touch to the tables.


    If you want to pull off a caricature themed wedding then you should hire caricatureuae. We have been a part of the event industry in UAE for fifteen years. We offer the best customized, themes, styles, and ideas of caricature in Dubai and can make your wedding day extra special.

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