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What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is the skill of listening, synthesizing, and translating the spoken word into a drawing created in real-time. Most of the time,  graphics are drawn on a large sheet of paper or artist board.  However, with the shifting digital landscape, drawings are also commonly created on a tablet and projected on screens throughout the room.

What Is Graphic Facilitation?

Whereas graphic recording focuses on capturing and organizing information in a visual format, graphic facilitation takes a more active approach in shaping and leading a group conversation. A graphic facilitator might employ pre-populated templates like mind-maps or customer journeys to guide a discussion and ensure that crucial topics are addressed.

Who Should Use Graphic Recording?

The simple answer is that everyone should be using graphic recording to have better meetings and see better business outcomes. Graphic recording is a tool ImageThink visual strategists use to help clients at blue chip companies think and work better. By capturing, synthesizing, and visualizing ideas in real time, teams boost alignment, increase engagement, and ignite creativity. 60% of the population self identifies as visual learners, and we all know that research shows that engaging multiple sensory inputs when consuming materials leads to better retention and connection. Graphic recording is a great way to lean in and take advantage of our nature.

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