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What makes Live Digital Cartoon Portraitures popular?

Cartoon portraits have evolved a lot over the years. Historically caricature is a form of street art and there is no deeper meaning to it. It is all about fun and creativity. In recent years  digital caricature in Dubai  has been used by organizations and they are using it as a business tool. There are digital caricature online services that can help in providing valuable caricature tips.

Here are a few things that make live digital cartoon portraitures popular

  • Personal:
  • The live digital cartoon portraitures are highly personal. The uniqueness of every subject makes them powerful and special. They are one of a kind just like fingerprints.

  • Entertaining:
  • Businesses are using digital portraitures because they are effective in getting the attention of the customers.They are entertaining and fascinating. It is mesmerizing to watch a talented caricature artist at work.

  • Quick:
  • Painting portraits is a long and time-consuming activity. People love to see artists doing caricature portraits because they are exciting and quick to draw. It takes minutes to draw street style caricatures. The live digital portraitures are also pretty quick to draw. It is satisfying to see a portrait complete in front of you.

  • Convenient:
  • If a business is thinking about personalized gift ideas for customers then live digital portraits are an excellent choice. They are quick to make and you can get the customers engaged by doing it right in front of their eyes and then take a quick print and give it to them. They can be printed on mugs or any other similar object. They are helpful in creating quick and affordable giveaways.


    Caricatureuae has been serving the events industry for about fifteen years. We offer customized caricature for a variety of events such as weddings, exhibitions, private parties,launch events, etc. Apart from digital caricature online we also offer traditional caricatures

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